Subject: Revised September 20 Results
Date: September 21, 2003

Problems C and D have been re-judged with new data to remove test
cases for which the problem statements were misleading.  Some contestants
have now received credit for submissions that were previously judged
"incorrect" or "time limit exceeded".  No previously accepted solutions
have been rejected.

Revised standings for the September 20 contest may be found at:

For comparison, the original scores are here:

The details of the misleading problem statements are as follows:

   Problem C:  There were 1000 test cases.  However the general rules
               say there will be "several, not thousands."  The 1000 test
               cases were used to stress test the judges' solutions and
               should never have found their way into the official data.

   Problem D:  Some BIRTH commands gave the same parent as mother and father.
               In an ANCESTOR listing for such people, the official data
               gave the ancestry information for the same person twice:
               once as the mother and once as the father.  Some submissions
               gave this information only once.

I apologize for these oversights on my part.  There's no truly fair way to
adjust the results after the fact.  I take minor solace in the fact
that I didn't have to deny previously awarded points, or to let incorrectly
awarded points stand.  But whenever the rankings change it is at somebody's
expense.  And I have no way of compensating the time lost to those whose
submissions I have accepted after the fact.  To both groups, in addition
to my apology I offer my promise to redouble my efforts to ensure that such
situations are avoided in future.

Gordon Cormack
UW Contest Judge