2000 ACM East Central Programming Contest will be held at several satellite locations, not Waterloo

1999 ACM East Central Programming Contest


12-13 November 1999 at the University of Waterloo.


The following teams are going to the finals:

University of Waterloo
(Waterloo A)
Donny Cheung
Jeff Shute
Ondrej Lhotak
Gord Cormack, Coach
University of Toronto
(Toronto A)
Borys Bradel
Christopher Sanford
Mohammad Mahdian
Arthur Tateishi, Coach
Albert Lai, Assistant Coach
Carnegie Mellon University
(CMU Team N)
Dan Gindikin
Dominic Mazzoni
Larry Greenfield
Mark Stehlik, Coach

The following teams are guilty of exceptional accomplishments but will not be sent to Florida:

Fourth Place Miami University Miami 1
Fifth Place University of Dayton Dayton FLYERS
Sixth Place University of Notre Dame Irish Blue
Seventh Place Carnegie Mellong University CMU N-1
Eighth Place McGill University McGill 1
Ninth Place McGill University McGill 2

Complete standings are available.

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East Central North America Region

The region contains western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, eastern Ontario and Indiana excluding the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. And McGill, located in Montréal, Quebec.

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